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Department of linguistic soitology

The department of linguistic soitology is engaged:

  • Search and studying of an erotic literary heritage;
  • Consultation of authors and translators of erotic texts;
  • Drawing up of " the Dictionary of love " (revealing of verbal expression of sensual attitudes of the Man and the Woman in a language heritage of various people).


Lead on faculty linguistic soitology work above translation and preparation for the edition before D.Swift's unknown manuscript "Gulliver's Erotic adventures" has come to the end with stunning success - already sold three circulations in quantity 21000 copy. At the moment 4-th circulation additional 7000 copy is carried out.

This gift edition in volume 448 p., printed on a paper of color "a tea rose" dark brown color, with bookmark and a jacket. "Travel in Lilliput" - Grigory Krylov's translation. "Travel in Brobdingneg" - Igor Kuberskiy's translation. Whether illustrations are prepared for the edition known Petersburg artist Klim Lee (the dean of faculty schedules of the Petersburg Academy of arts of name I.Repin).

Here you can prohonour the foreword from the publisher.


Head of the department
the writer and translator
Kuberskiy Igor Jurevich


191186, Saint-Petersburg, а/я 625,
© 2004. The Institute of Soitology

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