The Institute of Soitology
The Institute of Soitology

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The Institute of Soitology is the only research institute in Russia, specializing in the study of the culturological aspects of sexuality, reflecting it in traditions, art, literature and science, and an important element is the publication of erotic-educational literature, ranging from popular scientific and encyclopeadic works to illustrated albums and erotic prose, addressing acute problems of sex life and physical relationships between men and women.

The Institute began working in January 15, 2004 in Saint Petersburg in two directions: research work and publishing-educational to carry out science researches in sexuality. The results of work are published in the form of academic writings, dissertations and popular non-fiction literature.
The Institute of Soitology has now four departments:

  • Department of practical soitology
  • Department of ethnographic soitology
  • Department of linguistic soitology
  • Department of erotic art

Purposes of the Institute of Soitology: gathering, accumulation and distribution of knowledge about sensual relationships between men and women for the assistance of sexual education and improvement of demographic conditions.

The doctrine of coupling is developed by the director in chief of the Institute of Soitology, well known petersburg philosopher and writer Neonilla Samukhina, based in her researches on patrimonial knowledge of Slavonic coitus and the newest data of psychology, physiology and medicine.

Terms soitology and soitologists are descended from the old Russian word coitus and were introduced first in February, 2001.

Soitology is the study about coupling as the phenomenon of culture. Soitology studie

  • Existence of coupling in culture
  • Reflects of sensual relationships in traditions, literature and art
  • Influence of sensual relationships on outlook, behaviour and perception of people shown in various aspects of their activity (including creativity, politics, business, impersonal relationships)

Coitus from the point of view of soitology is the unification of souls through the unification of bodies. Unlike sex that in Russian mentality is considered as sexual act which is connection of inanimate bodies, coitus is the displaying of sensual intimacy of two people, united with love in spiritual and physical aspects.



February, 9, 2004.
Soitology Day, celebrating three years since the introduction of the terms soitologist and soitology into popular scientific practice.

Photo from left to right:
1 st row:
Vsevolod Salischev, Pavel Ukhalin, Neonilla Samukhina, Lev Cuclin, Julia Zartayskaya, Andrey Nekludov
2 nd row: Igor Kuberskiy, Eugeniy Custov, Ilya Shtemler, Konstantin Novikov, Kenneth MacInnes, Anatoliy Tomilin, Dmitriy Isaev, Anatoliy Samukhin, Eugeniy Voropaev, Vadim Zartayskiy.

February, 9, 2005.
Soitology Day, celebrating four years since the introduction of the terms soitologist and soitology into popular scientific practice.

Photo from left to right:
1 st row:
Pavel Ukhalin, Anatoliy Tomilin, Ilya Shtemler, Neonilla Samukhina, Igor Kuberskiy, Dmitriy Isaev, Anatoliy Samukhin.
2 nd row: Olga Leontjeva, Eugeniy Voropaev, Tamara Popova, Vadim Zartayskiy, Klim Li, Andrey Rodosskiy, Andrey Nekludov, Victoria Manackova, Valentina Presnova, Tatiana Zvertanovska, Eugeniy Custov, Alexander Dendebera.

191186, Saint-Petersburg, P.O. Box 625,
2004. The Institute of Soitology

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