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The Department of practical soitology researches on the topic “Influence of sexuality on the success in business”. In this connection we kindly ask you to give sincere answers to these questions.

Your answers will be the basis of our popular scientific edition, summarizing the results of our researches, and will be the property of the nation, helping to make necessary recommendations and promoting increase of labour productivity in Russian business.

This opinion poll is absolutely anonymous


The Questionnaire:

1. Whether at selection of the personnel in your firm the attention to sexual appeal of the candidate addresses?

Yes, always
Only to some personnel positions
No, it's not important
Don't think about it

2. Intimate relationships between colleagues:

Improve the results of work
Influence beneficially an emotional climate
Don't influence the results of work
Discourage some employees
Influence negatively all personnel
Seriously prevent work

3. Your attitude to intimate relationships between boss and his/ her subordinate?

It's inadmissible
It's possible if their relationships are serious
It has no value for the associates

4. Whether developed conditions of a “love triangle” in collective can be the reason for dismissal of one of them (or al)?

Undoubtedly, yes
Only in cases of negative influence on work
It's a trouble of the employees

5. Intimate relationships of bosses and their subordinates:

Can unite all collective
Can strengthen boss's influence
Don't influence work
Discourage employees

6. Do you think that for an establishment of emotionally positive atmosphere it is desirable to carry out joint actions with an erotic character for the personnel (not in working hours): goings to the countryside with spending the night there, joint campaigns in a bath, night restaurants or clubs, etc.

Yes, it's important
These actions do not render so significant influence
It's a “by-product” of teamwork
It negatively influence all personnel
I'm at a loss to tell

7. As though you have considered the offer of intimate contact on the part of the colleague (which is nice to you)?

most likely would accept the offer
would accept just in case of serious feelings
would think that I want to be used
would essentially reject as such attitudes are inadmissible on work
would reject in any case

8. Can you use your sexual appeal for the achievement of your purpose, if some business negotiations with the partner of an opposite sex are coming to you?

Yes, certainly
Sometimes it's necessary
No, it's not ethic
No, I cannot do it
Flatly no

9. Using “girls” to “humour a dear visitor” or to conduct business negotiations:

It's inadmissible
It's possible in some cases
It's a tradition
Can be used just for the familiar
It can be very effective

10. “Sudden sex” in the middle of the working day:

Influence beneficially efficiency
Can relieve the monotony of routine days
Don't influence efficiency
Casual event that has no value
It's inadmissible
Don't imagine what it is

11. Whether you often have erotic imaginations at work?

More often than anywhere else
As often as everywhere
Less often than anywhere else
Much less often than in other conditions

12. If you had an experience of intimate relations with employees in organization where you are working or worked, for you it is:

A pleasant memory
An extraordinary event
An ordinary phenomenon
Chance event
More likely it is a pleasant experience
My fault
I had no experience

13. Please tell us

Your age   

Sex male

Degree High humanitarian
  High technical
  Technical secondary

Place of living Country



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